Fruits & Vegetables


A Leading Supplier Of Food And Beverage Items In Maldives.

Each day they personally source and select the freshest and best of the seasonal produce available to export to our Clients. Due to the vastness of Australia and its varied climate zones, we Prestige can ensure the best quality and price are provided by sourcing in accordance with conditions and seasons. From the finest micro herbs to potatoes or apples we can supply high quality, fresh produce that will withstand the rigours of travel and high temperatures on arrival on island in the Maldives or elsewhere in the Indian Ocean.

Fresh produce we supply on a daily basis includes:

  • Salad vegetables and lettuces
  • A range of exotic tomatoes.
  • Micro-herbs
  • Edible Flowers
  • Heirloom vegetables
  • Heirloom fruit
  • Potatoes to meet a variety of dishes
  • Tropical fruits
  • Dried nuts and dried fruits
  • Fresh and dried herbs
  • Melon and pineapples
  • Figs, grapes and citrus fruits
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